Help Friends When You Shop This Year.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I can’t handle shopping at large stores for the holidays. Boutiques are pretty cool. I can handle that. But now that i’ve spent the last year trying to get the word out about my film, I realize how difficult it is to have your work discovered online. It turns out there are a lot of webpages. Perhaps hundreds…

I have two main goals with this post and I thought I would be upfront about it. First is to sell as many DVD’s and T-Shirts as possible to clear up much needed space in my basement. The second is to list some amazing alternatives to shopping at big box stores. The list of sites below are all friends or friends of friends, and anything you buy from any of these people will directly help a very good person. Please consider doing your holiday shopping from this list of incredibly talented people. I’ve also created a pinterest board where i’ve posted most of this.


Matt Jones of Breaking Bad was quoted saying about Rolled “Don’t take this the wrong way, but that was WAY better then I thought it was going to be.” “Rolled is a hilarious coming of age zing-zang gotcha-mentory” says Chris Messer and the LA weekly called it “The feel-good documentary of the year”. Did I mention that I’m selling the ridiculously soft shirts for the first time online? And i’ve dropped the price by $5. Bam! I’m also selling Rolled DVD’s for $15. Or 5 for $45. That’s $45 instead of $75! What! Think about how many Rolled shirts you could buy with that savings! The answer is 2ish. The Rolled VHS is still on sale for $120. It used to be $300. Please don’t buy it, then I’d have to make it.

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Now for our friends!

Roxy Makes Things: Roxy is a really talented friend from LA. We have a print of hers hanging in our sons room. He loves staring at it, so do I.

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Nathan Gieseke: Nathan is on Etsy as Big Tree Designs, and is a good friend of my sister Cait. She has some of his work hanging in their house and it’s beautiful. Whatever you do, don’t ‘forkget‘ to check out the rings he makes too. Nailed it.

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BingalingbyBetsy: (Molly’s Mom): I coached Molly and her Ultimate frisbee team at UCSC for a few years. I later found out that her whole family is ridiculously talented.

il_570xN.532645071_12q6 il_570xN.493263912_s30z

One Star Leather Goods: This is my good friend (and ultimate frisbee player) Keegan. He’s a filmmaker that somehow finds time to make amazing leather goods. He’s got some great stuff including wallets, wristbands, dog collars and belts.



I got this list by asking friends on facebook if they, or anyone they knew had shops online. Here is a list of a few more that are certainly worth checking out.

Outiart: Artwork by Outi Harma

il_570xN.353892288_ssa7 il_570xN.355623765_194o

Huntington B:  Chic hair bows hand made in Manhattan 

BarberCustomDesign: Gifts by Jeny Barber


thetreasurecycleCady Rose jewelry, vintage, engagement rings, posters


AlwaysGiveACraft: Handmade items & supplies for children, moms, & more! We need about 10 of these.


miniminterytruly handmade cards



gigglesCrochet and Knit Goodies


1byliz: bicycle clocks, etc.



DonnaReCreations: Holiday ornament, one of a kind!

il_570xN.534583334_sei2 il_570xN.534674867_757o


LinzZuelich: Wood Brain by Lindsay Zuelich


Tiny Mighty Frames: 



The list continued to come in. Sadly as a stay at home dad, trying to sell DVD’s, make a second film, and build a bathroom and sunroom, I just can’t keep up. Below are some additional links I couldn’t get to. Good luck and good shopping.









BGM Bags by Miche


LeonSF: fine art prints

Buy 5 DVD’s for your family!

Sing up to my “not so much” email list.

Help Friends When You Shop This Year.

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  1. Hi Whit,
    Thank you for including my art in your great blog post!
    Happy Holidays!

    outi December 3, 2013 at 5:18 pm #
  2. Whit,
    Thanks for listing my new 2013 KTinspirations shop on your site. Love your philosophy!

    KT Moore December 3, 2013 at 5:47 pm #
  3. Whit, you are a true gem!
    Please consider adding my website to your list:
    I weave custom jewelry, which can be found in the Gallery on my site, and I can be reached for contact via my site.
    Thank You for your constant support of all of us! CO(co)

    Celeste Olivates December 4, 2013 at 9:59 am #
  4. You are one of the most creative people I know. So full of life and just plain fun to know. Thanks for including me in your life!

    Freida Wolden

    Freida Wolden December 4, 2013 at 10:49 am #
  5. Hi Whit,

    I came across your site when checking out our stats on Etsy. That’s so cool that you’ve listed my page, thank you so much.

    We are posting some new designs this week, in memory of our son Luca. I would love to send you one if you can email me your size?

    Many thanks.

    Gina December 10, 2013 at 7:46 am #
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