Working with Drew: The First of Ten Trilogies

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 1.03.04 PMI’ve been friends with Drew Manning for about 15 years now. He’s a talented actor and comedian; and also has unbelievable knowledge of film and comic books.
A few years ago when I started writing my film Rolled I got stuck. In a rut, I called Drew who had been writing screenplays for over 15 years. This was the beginning of our collaborations. Over the past three years, Drew and I have written three more scripts, one of which will be my next film, Matchmakers. While writing with Drew I learned that he has been working on a 10 part saga for almost his whole life. Each part of the saga is a trilogy. Yes, Drew is currently working on writing 30 scripts. The best part? The first trilogy, Earth Alpha, is already written. I asked Drew to write a summary of the Earth Alpha trilogy for me. Here it is:
Alpha_red.v_02Earth Alpha: A sci-fi trilogy that takes place in an alternate universe and showcases three separate but inter-connected stories focusing on the values of teamwork and sacrifice. 2082 tells the story of five friends and ex-soldiers of the second Civil War who are down on their luck and forced to enter a dangerous virtual reality world. The Valiant V is about a team of dysfunctional heroes, each with a dark secret, who are tasked with protecting the world from a Martian invasion by piloting a gigantic combination mech suit known as Valiant. Stellar is a futuristic rock band from the year 2525 on the verge of both stardom and breakup, who while on tour of the Milky Way, are thrust into a space battle to save Earth.
Just to be clear, Earth Alpha is three scripts that are intended to be turned into three films. For this project, we are turning the screenplays into one novel and adding some illustrations. The idea behind this is to give Drew more exposure as a writer, and give his friends an opportunity to read one of the many scripts he has has written.
  Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 12.55.36 PMAfter four months of work on this project – the cover art is done, the descriptions for the rest of the art have been written, the Kickstarter video has been shot, and Drew’s first draft has been printed. We also have an editor who has worked for both Lucas Films and DC Comics lined up to review Earth Alpha before its release.

I’m honored to be helping Drew release Earth Alpha out to his audience. I believe that it’ll be turned into a film one day, and Drew Manning will be a household name. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Drew with the launch of his Kickstarter campaign on October 2nd, 2013. I’m committing to reach out to 50 people in my network, directly, and individually, to help Drew get the exposure he needs. Thirty days of fundraising is no easy task. It’s my hope that my additional support, plus the support of others, will show Drew that we believe in him, and the project that he’s already worked so hard on. It would be truly amazing if you too helped by reaching out to your friends and family, and sign up for his mailing list, and Like the Facebook page.

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Working with Drew: The First of Ten Trilogies

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